Access & Use of Financial Services

"Citibank Chinatown” © 2005 by Uris, used under a GNU Free Documentation License

Access to mainstream financial services is closely linked with economic prosperity for all immigrant groups in the U.S., regardless of country of origin, and plays an important role in an immigrant’s ability to integrate into American society. The surveyed literature and programmatic efforts suggest that lack of access to financial services can impede the process of naturalization for immigrants.

The primary limitation posed by the existing research is that the body of literature specific to the effects of access and use of financial services on naturalization efforts is slim. Therefore, the Access & Use of Financial Services section of this literature review examines the broader issue of how underserved communities participate in mainstream financial processes.

More specifically, this section of the literature review addresses three questions related the access of financial services to underserved communiti...more.

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The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute, a university research center with the mission to address the challenges and opportunities of demographic diversity in the 21st century global city, has produced these featured digital publications using the USC Media Curator, an online publishing platform designed to bring together innovative research from across the University of Southern California and beyond. This project curates research relevant for immigrant service providers on the topics of Access & Use of TechnologyAccess & Use of Financial ServicesNotario Fraud, and Driver's Licenses for the unauthorized.


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