Access & Use of Technology

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Information technology (IT) such as computers, cellular phones, and the Internet can play a significant role in determining an immigrant's academic and professional success, and those successes can make it easier for people to obtain citizenship. Additionally, as government agencies and community organizations expand their use of IT in outreach, education, and immigrant integration campaigns, access and use of IT will continue to grow in significance. It is therefore crucial to have clear measures of levels of access, rates and patterns of use, and preferred communication media for the naturalization eligible population. Existing research presents two major limitations: 1) lack of data specifically broken out for immigrant subgroups and 2) diverse means of defining disparities. Available analyses point to broad differences in access and use of IT between foreign-born and native-born populations. However, data is rarely collected that reflects differences amongst immigrant populati...more.

About this project

The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute, a university research center with the mission to address the challenges and opportunities of demographic diversity in the 21st century global city, has produced these featured digital publications using the USC Media Curator, an online publishing platform designed to bring together innovative research from across the University of Southern California and beyond. This project curates research relevant for immigrant service providers on the topics of Access & Use of TechnologyAccess & Use of Financial ServicesNotario Fraud, and Driver's Licenses for the unauthorized.


THE TEAM: Carl Hayden Community High School Falcon Robotics Club

“Spare Parts” Documents the Struggles of Undocumented Immigrants in Technology

In 2004, four undocumented high school students Cristian Arcega, Lorenzo Santillan, Luis Aranda, and Oscar Vazquez, from Phoenix, Arizona competed in a naval robotics competition sponsored by NASA...more.